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Publish Date: 09-11-2018
Updated On: 30-11--0001


A large land bank of at least a few hundred acres outside of the city centre is required to develop a township of a certain size. However, what is the factors that make a township successful?


  • Infrastructure and accessibility

Unlike high-rise developments which are typically located in more matured areas, infrastructure and road access are key catalysts for a new township development. Land outside the city is good for a township development as long as it is connected to at least one major highway for easy access to the city centre.


  • Superior master plan

What kind of lifestyle is this township offering to you? Environment, landscaping, security, maintenance and management services what some of the factors buyers would look into.


  • Amenities

Amenities such as commercial, industrial, educational and entertainment components are crucial to make the township self-sustaining


  • Practical product design and competitive price

A township development typically takes many years to complete. Road access and infrastructure will take time. It is therefore important to not to compare the price with a property in the mature area.


  • Supply matches demand

It is important to observe if the population trend in the area is on an upward trend as real estate is meant for human consumption. The bigger the population, the higher chance of you getting a better return on your property investment


  • Branding and marketing

It is extremely important to buy from developers with a good track record and a practice of delivering on time with quality. An iconic township built by a developer with strong track record add values to your property.


  • Good management and maintenance of the township

Reputable developers continue to look after their interest and also the interest of their purchasers by constantly enhancing the value of their township.

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