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Bursa Article

Publish Date: 08-02-2019
Updated On: 13-06-2019

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Bursa Listing Requirement
Here are some listing requirement for a company to be listed on Bursa.
Main Market (either one)
Ace Market
Continuous profit after tax for 3 -5 full financial year with aggregate > RM20million and latest year PAT >RM 6 million
No operating record or profit requirement
Market cap > RM500 million upon listing and generated revenue at least one full financial year
Right to build and operate infrastructure around the world with project cost > RM500 million and remaining concession > 15 years


As shown in the infographics above, there are also other criteria to be met for each listing:
  • Public spread
  • Bumiputera requirement
  • Financial Position
  • Share sales Restriction
  • Related Party Transaction
  • Management
  • Business activity
  • Sponsorship
The related fees for each Bursa listing includes:
  • Underwriting, placement and brokerage
  • Prospectus registration
  • Application Fee
  • Annual Listing Fee
  • Professional Fee

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